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The Happiness Maker

There is something truly magical about owning a bakery. From the smell of freshly baked cake pops, the rivers of melted chocolate, to the sweet smiles of happiness from our customers.

Maryellens, Cakepops, QVC, Custom cakes, Bakery, West Chester
Maryellen, The Happiness Maker behind Maryellens Cakepops

I have always loved baking, ever since I was a little girl helping my Nanny in the kitchen. The joy of creating something from scratch and sharing it with others has always brought me a sense of fulfillment. 

Running a bakery is no easy feat. It requires long hours, dedication, artistic mind frame and a passion for the craft. But the rewards are well worth it. From experimenting with new recipes to growing a national product line, throw in appearing on QVC, and you have a recipe for excitement, joy and a dash of fear.

QVC, Cakepops, Maryellens, Bakery, West Chester
Maryellen on QVC Christmas in July 2023

I am a happiness maker.  In everything from my personal life and relationships to Maryellen's Cake pops, Custom Cakes, and Aunt Mares Cookies, I have always thrived when I am bringing joy to people! Working with cake and cookies to bring joy to others through food, is just the cherry on top. There is something special about the way a simple cake pop,  Aunt Mare's Cookie or a custom cake brings a smile to someone’s face. One of my favorite aspects of baking is the creative process, taking someone's idea or flavor combination and bringing it to life.

Mothers Day, West Chester, Maryellens Cakepops, Maryellens
10ct Mother's Day Collection

Bakery Life is not easy, if I had stuck with my original path of Occupational Therapy, my life would be a tad bit easier, but certainly not as sweet. The sense of fulfillment that comes from creating delicious treats and sharing them with others is unmatched.  Having the opportunity to share with a larger audience has been a dream come true. So roll up your sleeves, preheat the oven, and get ready to embark on a delicious journey.  

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