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Our story begins with Maryellen, a passionate baker with a deep love for traditional recipes and a commitment to quality. She started the bakery in her own kitchen, where every treat was made with the utmost attention to detail and perfecting the art of baking. With every creation, she sprinkled a little love, setting the foundation for what would soon become a thriving bakery. 


Our Growth

Word of Maryellen’s delectable creations spread like wildfire through town. Not only were her custom cakes and candies delicious, but her cakepops were like no others. She opened her store front location in 2011 to keep up with the demand of her cakes and candies, and most popular cakepops!


The success of  Maryellen’s cake pops led Our Bakery to explore mass production techniques to meet the ever-growing demand. The introduction of mass-produced cake pops allowed the bakery to expand its reach, shipping these delightful treats nationwide. The bakery had grown beyond its humble beginnings, becoming a regional sensation. 


Our Cake Pops

Each pop is hand made in our bakery by Maryellen herself with the help of our staff. They are a delicious treat perfect for any occassion!

Image by Katt Yukawa

Our Social Mission

We love to give back to our local community and participate in local charities. We also plan to start our ouwn foundation for a cause close to our hearts, stay tuned for details!

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